Biofuels from advanced materials.

Division of Alpha Trading Spa, Oil.B started its activities in 2004 as a result of the will of the group in the development of renewable energy with low-emission, is operating in the marketing of biofuels mainly made from advanced materials.

Since its establishment, Biodiesel Division of Alpha Trading S.p.a. has gradually increased its market share thanks to strategic management decisions, the professionalization of its staff and the gradual specialization in products resulting from second-generation raw materials, such as in particular waste and by-products.

Respect for the Environment.

Quality, Safety and Sustainability.

Biodiesel Division is flexible to meet all customer needs. Is awarded by the main certifications of Quality, Safety and Sustainability let it offering a first class service, in terms of availability, efficiently and environmental respect.

The Solbiate Olona facility

A storage capacity of 14.000 cubic meters.

Biodiesel Division has its own plant located in Solbiate Olona with production capacity of about 200.000 Tons/Year and with an overall storage capacity of about 14.000 cubic meters a significant storage capacity is also available in Genoa and Savona strategically important since they can be supplied by ship road and rail tanker.

Oil B Office

Francesca Pigliapochi

Sales and Supply Director

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+39 338 22 18 660

Matteo Campeggi

Logistics & Planning

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+39 335 78 67 820

Marco Coppo


+39 010 54 72 293

Marina Durante


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Mara Moretti

Backoffice and Operation

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