For over 35 years
In the italian Market.

We operate through our Domestic Market department on Extra Network.

Alpha Trading S.p.a. offers to the market a wide range of fuel oil, gas oil and distillates and modified bitumen.

ALPHA TRADING S.p.a. operates, through its Wholesale network, for over thirty years in the Italian market both as a distributor of fuels and bitumen supplier.

With the target of optimizing cost, Alpha Trading with its flexibility is always capable of managing business relationship with all petroleum Companies active in the italian market.

Fuels and Gasoil

Based on the agreements with different italian rafineries and using its Carbonara Scrivia Plants, Aplha Trading is able to offer heavy fuel oils with different viscosity and solphur content (3,5% - 1% - 0,3%). Furthermore the deposit is equipped with the most updated on line denaturation plant that allows the sales of all kind of gasoil such as bunker and agricoltural.

For more than thirty-five years
in the Italian market.

The Oil Storage of Carbonara Scrivia


Alpha Trading owns a tax deposit located in Carbonara Scrivia where low suplhur fuel oils are blended and modified bitumen production plant since 2003 was carried out using the most advanced international technologies.

Denaturation Plant

The depot is equipped with an on-line denaturation plant which allows us to deliver gasoil 0,1% and gasoil 10ppm fully complying with the new Italian regulation in matter of bunkering and agricultural market.

The production plant of modified bitumen.

Since 2003 we produce mixtures of fuel oil
and produce modified bitumen.

Alpha Trading S.p.a. plant is able to produce modified bitumen capable of satisfying the needs of different specifications. The selection of raw materials and in-depth study of the same, through strict laboratory controls, are the basis of the production process.

The flexibility of the system and its high degree of automation allow to provide answers in a short time to our customers.

Application of our Bitumen production

Construction and Highways maintenance
Airport slopes
Streets and Squares
Sports tracks

The laboratory.

Quality control and development of new product.
Alpha Trading S.p.a. has set up a modern laboratory useful for both quality control and for the development of new products. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment. In particular of a mill from Silverson laboratory, a Leica fluorescence microscope and a Thermo Haake rotational viscometer.

Alpha Trading S.p.a. is a company awarded with ISO 9001 quality certification for all that concerns the process of production and management of contracts; Integrated in the system is the CE marking of its modified Bitumen, which guarantees strict control and always allow to meet effectively the customers needs.

Domestic Market Office

Silvio Stagni

Plant Director

+39 0131.892941
+39 0131.892843
+39 335.7546731

Federico Delavigne

Sales Director

+39 010 54 72 243 – 296
+39 010 54 72 301
+39 348 58 49 516

Fabio Ruggieri

Sales Manager

+39 010 54 72 232
+39 010 54 72 301
+39 335 75 46 730

Dario Muraro

Bitumen Sales Agent

+39 337 26 06 01

Stefano Manzone

Bitumen Sales

+39 011 93 22 802
+39 011 93 22 802
+39 348 17 51 141

Emanuela Ponte

Sales and Administration

+39 010 54 72 291 - 292
+39 010 54 72 301
+39 335 75 20 083

Patrizia Sansalone

Sales and Administration

+39 010 54 72 295 - 241
+39 010 54 72 301
+39 335 77 03 999