Alpha Trading


Provision of services at 360° investment in research and innovation.

The Group’s objective is the consolidation and development of its trading activity through the competitive offer, the provision of 360° services and investment in research and innovation, providing high-quality energy products. Always attentive to the reduction of environmental impacts by investing in research and innovation.

Over the years, the Group has consolidated preferential contractual relations and relationships with all major suppliers worldwide, whether these are majors or independent global suppliers, by which it Alpha Trading S.p.A. is able to make competitive offers in all major world-wide ports through competitive offers, technological innovations and increasingly away from Fossil fuels, ensuring a high quality service. Through partnership with main customers and Alpha Trading S.p.A.  between suppliers and guarantees continuity in competitive offers in the main Italian and world ports.

Financial and Credit Services.
Over time, Alpha Trading s.p.a. has added credit and financial services to the normal supply services, thanks to its credit structure and availability, Alpha Trading S.p.A. between  allows to provide important credit lines, Custom payment terms and financial instruments of price risk management to our clients or customers.

Siamo in grado di proporre offerte competitive in Italia e nei principali porti mondiali.

Alpha Trading S.p.a.

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